I grew up in South West England and went to an all-girls grammar school. At weekends, I took part-time jobs waitressing in hotels and cafés before leaving school to become part of a cabin crew flying out of Heathrow airport.

After a year, I moved on to work for a large oil company as receptionist, secretary and credit controller. While at the oil company, I invested in and renovated an old flat to let. Property development has since become a real interest of mine. I love the creative aspect of seeing buildings develop. Who doesn’t like beautiful people or things? Especially if you can play a part in beautifying them.

My modelling career came about unexpectedly. I was flattered that I had attracted lovely comments about how I look, so when a friend suggested I try modelling, I thought: “Why not?”. I posted some pictures of myself on a modelling site and then, virtually overnight, had several photographers wanting to book me. Things escalated from there and have kept me pretty busy ever since.

So what else can I tell you? I love animals, eat as much unprocessed plant food as possible and exercise regularly.Exercise is the icing on the cake!

I rarely get the chance to watch television, but when I do, I like to catch programmes that inspire me to progress in life and help others. My path to freedom all began by watching this video and hearing this brilliant speaker on youtube:

 If I were to become very rich, I'd like to help people, especially underprivileged young people and the mentally disabled.

Amanda x