Amazing shoot with Wellman Photography!

On FridayWellman Photography (WP) arrived at the brand new Amanda Swan Studio. Have a look at the sister-site that tells you all about this great new photo-studio, www.amandaswanstudio.com. There's a garden, too - so you can take outdoor shots as well.

Before we started I had an Arbonne chocolate-flavour milkshake - yes, I'm living life on the edge! But it kept me going through the long shoot, so don't laugh! By the way, did I tell you that I've just launched a fantastic business with Arbonne? I use the creams morning and night to keep my skin nice and use all Arbonne make-up, so light and natural looking and without any harmful chemicals. Plus, it's not tested on animals, so bambi lives safely ever-after (you've got to love a happy ending). Have a look at the pictures to see how well it works, you'd never guess I'm really 97 - ha ha ha. But this is starting to sound like an Info-mercial, so I'll stop...but... if anyone wants to hear more, please drop me a line!

The WP started on the first set. I modelled vintage outfits that I'd just bought from a wonderful retro shop in the Fulham Palace Road. It's so cool up there, I could spend days shopping and watching the "beautiful people" (most of whom are so self-obsessed it's unbelievable). See if you can spot the outfits, red one and black one, (head-shot). There are many more pics to come!  WP is hugely busy and in demand. He's flying to Portugal on Monday to photograph golf courses, night clubs, hotels etc etc - guess that'll be dull compared to photographing me!

Next I modelled in the garden, lovely light. Those pics came out extremely well, looks like I could be anywhere rather than suburbia.

Later, I modelled (again in the garden) a super grunge look, with my mile-high black boots (got them as a treat from Harrods in the sale).

We think one of the neighbours saw me in my catsuit with the zip down quite a way!  Had to duck down quickly - bit of a comedy moment.

Back in the house for the last set, WP draped white bedding over the chaise-lounge and used cross bars and soft white fabric background to create a sexy vintage/fetish shoot with high red boots.

We had such a fun day!!!!

I can't wait to work with WP again, he's got some fantastic shoot ideas lined up for this site. Watch this space. He didn't leave until 8pm, by which time I was utterly exhausted and in need of another Arbonne milkshake. Did I mention Arbonne? It's a great range of products.

Talk to you all soon. Have a great week.

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