Another wonderful shoot with SimesHimself

A few months ago I was fortunate to work with SimesHimself for the first time at the wonderful Loft House Studio in Battersea which is owned by the very accomplished Gregory Brown. We had a really good shoot and got some great shots. Simes was very pleased with the results and was keen to arrange a second shoot, so it seemed only fitting that I invite him to shoot me at the amandaswanstudio where we could really have a fun day using all the props and outfits there.  

The thing I've learned about Simes is that he has a great sense of what looks good and what "works" in a photo. He is always looking for that "WOW" photo and his work keeps getting better with each shoot.

We shot several sets on our second shoot, including me wearing my sexy black latex half body suit, then naked and toying with a glass of water while sitting on my retro table and stools and also a set standing by the patio door wearing very little at all. This spot in the studio allows enough natural light to achieve really interesting pictures. There actually was so much light in the studiohouse that day that Simes suggested I sit on the brown leather sofa by the front window wearing another very interesting body suit, it's very comfortable to wear also and fits my body like a glove. So I did a slow striptease for the camera...then came the "WOW" shot.

I hope to post a selection of shots from my first two shoots with Simes, to see what you think of the pictures. Would love to hear your feedback.

I received a lovely message later from the man "Himself" to say he is looking forward to booking our next shoot.  I am too very much looking forward to working again with Simes as he is a lovely guy and a very talented individual who adds enormously to amandaswan.com

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