Comic-Book Success

I’m so glad the comic-book I produced last year with Rough Cut Comics has been such a success.

The project introduced me to new stream of fans which normally enjoy reading the adventures of Lara Croft, Wonder Woman or Power Girl in the comic-book pages. Of course, I’m different from those characters because I’m a REAL person … and this was a unique opportunity for the publisher Rough Cut Comics to transform me into a comic-book fantasy.

There are many, many comic-books like this in America who use Playboy Playmates and glamour models as any number of goddesses, spies, vampire hunters and crime fighters. But, believe it or not, I’m the FIRST British model to be featured in such a comic-book project and I’m totally honoured.

The writers have transformed me into this Reality TV star whose secret identity is that of an immortal vigilante. How cool does that sound?

The artists worked with loads of my photographs to make sure my actual figure and physique was represented on the comic pages.

I was also styled up and photographed in every variation of cat-suit to help me find the right look for my character’s nocturnal activities. I eventually settled for a tight black number in a soft, sexy material with ventilation straps around my bust, which would allow my comic-book character to silently scale the walls of tall buildings.

You wouldn’t believe how noisy a leather cat-suit is while you writhing in the night. I love the finished comic-book. I think the artists have captured my every curve and even have the right parting in my hair.

I think it’s a great souvenir for anyone who’s a true fan of me … because as well as the riveting 22-page adventure story, there’s a beautiful selection of photographs which helped inspire the writers and artists.

What more could anyone ask for?

Well, the sequel I suppose. I hear that one’s entitled The Evil That Men Do. Oh, I can’t wait to find out how THAT one turns out.

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