Garden Shoot With JackAllTog

On Friday night JackAllTog turned up unexpectedly at my home at about midnight. I was already utterly exhausted having been clothes shopping in the West End. Fortunately I'd bought an LBD and some matching heels. You do know what LBD is, don't you boys? Little Black Dress.

So, I couldn't resist the temptation to try it on and show off in front of JackAllTog,  so we went through into the studio and I started posing for him on the chaise-longue. It's such a sexy feeling, posing on that chaise in a tiny LBD and heels, with a very sexy photographer urging you on to be naughty, but I managed to restrain myself... for a few shots! Then I gave into temptation and started teasing the photographer by baring my boobs. I could tell he liked what he saw! Do I have the same effect on you? I love to read your comments, so please tell me which pictures you like. You never know, I might do some shots especially for you!

Then I spent the very next morning with JackAllTog, doing some shots in his garden. First of all we went out into the garden to discuss the shoot. Of course, I'd already undressed and still had to wait for JackAllTog to choose my outfit! As you can see he gave me a pair of rather plain grey knickers and a grey dress. We did some jump shots and as a reward for being a good girl, he let me change into a lovely white & blue polka-dot mini-skirt suit and high heels. Clearly the grey knickers had to go, but as I'd not got any others with me we had to be careful with the shots in case you saw more than we wanted. I liked the shots and the polka-dot outfit so much that I wore it home, which was great, but I did have to be very careful how I sat on the train that afternoon... What do you think of the pics? Please let me know in the comment section.

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