Getting Down And Dirty With My Juke Box

I shot with photographer Dave Boys recently, who is a wonderfully energetic and enthusiastic professional who is quite clearly multi-talented. Dave is a qualified accountant, runs Hectors House, a wonderful doggie hotel facility with his wife and still finds time to photograph the world!

Dave loved the varied facilities and props at the Amanda Swan Home Studio and came up with a wonderful idea using my new Juke Box. Dressed as a true Rock Chick in my leather jacket and with Metallica playing we had a blast shooting to the pounding rhythms. Warming up as I moved to the beat the leather jacket soon came off followed by other clothing as Dave captured the passion I have for my new toy eventually leaving me naked and panting caressing my Juke Box like a true groupie!!

Here, inside the site you can see my wanton behaviour that Dave captured. I am looking forward to working with this extremely talented professional again.

I realise that publications often use edited pictures and sometimes peoples images are edited beyond an inch of their life, sometimes in fact you never get to see the real person. Not that I’m complaining, some of my pictures have been vastly improved along with others that have been left ‘au naturel’ and of which I am very proud. Dave Boys is one of those fine photographers who takes advantage of good lighting and camera angles and thus minimum editing, if any was needed.

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