Shot by a Scorpion

One of my very favourite photographers and best friends is behind the ‘Shot by a Scorpion’ series of images. He’s very much your typical Scorpio, yes, there’s a sting in his tail but he’s forensically accurate and of course, you get the point when he wants! And when he does put across his point, it’s usually worth it... as underneath he’s a true artist and surprisingly methodical.

I’ve been “Shot by a Scorpion” on many occasions and there are plenty of his images on my website - I’m certain you’ll like them.

Anyway, my little Scorpion (he he) now shoots in a gorgeous shabby chic apartment set within an old Georgian house. It is located in one of those trendy, arty areas of London. The place has wonderfully high ceilings, lovely and very large original sash windows that let natural light flood in and some gorgeous shutters encasing them. There are small arched alcoves also, either side of an original period cast iron fireplace.

Scorpion has recently added a beautiful old Chesterfield Wing Back sofa, it looks stunning in photos and compliments his studio and living space beautifully.

The first time I visited this apartment, I was speechless - it’s such a perfect place for me to be photographed. I’m a bit of an Amazonian, as I’m all of 5”11 tall in bare feet! When I wear heels, I’m often too tall for small rooms to look good in shots. But Scorpions place is nirvana for me!

So - I love the apartment and we got to work straight away. The Scorpion has a very motivating presence - I guess it’s that tail of his - and his artistic direction is clear, precise and thorough. I pose, then pose and pose again until the Scorpion gets the shots the way he wants!

Scorpion is also very decisive in what I wear and don’t wear. For all his Scorpionic (is that a word? It is now!)  tendencies he’s clearly very much a red-blooded male underneath. Just look at the shots he’s put in the site, aren’t they cool? And yes, very sexy!

Well, you get the idea. We did loads of shots in various lingerie, corsets and body-stockings. I’ll stop now and let you enjoy the view - but don’t get stung!

Talk soon - and don’t forget to add your comments, I love reading what you think!

Amanda, xxx

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