WELLMAN Photography At My Home Studio

I’ve been having a fantastic time shooting at my fully equipped Home Studio, enjoying all the ‘home comforts’ it brings, while experimenting with various pieces of clothing and lingerie. One particular assignment was with celebrity photographer Hennie Wellman, who recently captured the fantastic strength and body lines of Jodie Marsh. His company WELLMAN Photography has worked with some prestigious names and his portfolio is phenomenal. He contacted me recently and asked if I’d like to model for his company and I was delighted to take up the opportunity.

Hennie arrived at 11am and we were shooting until 7pm... he’s a great photographer; so professional and truly creative with his ideas. You will see from my website how he can really bring an image to life.

Hennie enjoyed using the studio house. He found many different places to shoot, getting great perspective in the corners and making great use of the multi-coloured chairs, props, full length mirrors and plush bedroom upstairs with interchangeable bedding. Oh... listen to me, don’t I sound like Sarah Beeny now. Anyway, I hope you like our pictures, I had immense fun with the corset shots which, particularly here, look like behind-the-scenes shots from Tipping the Velvet.

I will be selling some of these corsets, which will comfortably fit many sizes of women and I hope to be showcasing some of them here over the next few weeks.

Wellman Photography with his video team will be filming my next corset shoot, which will show what corsets will be available in my new ebay shop/ASOS shop. They will also feature on this site shop too. If you want to see more pictures from the Wellman shoot, you can do so by joining up and becoming a private member.

I hope you enjoy them. Remember to let me know what you think?

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