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Hi everyone - how are you? Sorry I've been a bit quiet really - it's not because I have nothing to say, in fact quite the opposite! I've been so busy getting lots of pictures done for this site that I've not had a minute to sit down an knock out a blog! But now I'll tell you all about about it! Are you sitting comfortably, now we'll begin 😉
Have I told you about my friend Fitnude before? She's great fun, utterly gorgeous and totally at home in front of the camera. Have a Google-ogle at "Fitnude Model Mayhem". See what I mean?
Anyway, we met at the station and I drove her back to the studio. First things first - we had a superb Arbonne chocolate flavoured protein drink...with a few blueberries, some banana and a splodge (that's a technical term!) of honey. De-lish!!! Then I did Fitnude's make-up, again using Arbonne products as it doesn't contain any s...tuff that is bad for you or the environment! Fitnude gets all her Arbonne gear from me, so we know what she likes.
The photographer  was JackAllTog - and he was absolutely delighted to see her - she looked amazeballs! (OK, sorry, yes I watch crap TV!). Firstly FN did a set for JAT in a wonderful gold dress, which just fitted her like a glove. Then the next thing I knew, JAT had worked his magic and FN was "sans dress" and loving the attention she was getting from the lens! But then, with a body like that, of course she's going to enjoying posing nude.
I was always on hand with a touch-up of the make-up or some help getting into pose, the three of us make quite a team and I'm sure you'll love the results.
Like all the best things in life, it was soon over - boys. you must try harder 😉 ...and I dropped FN back at the station - because now it was my turn!
Back at the studio we did a load of shots for the site. JAT has some clever ideas and produces stunning shots. You will go crazy for them.
One of the dresses I modelled was a gold Vivien Westwood number - wow, did that feel good!
It wasn't until late afternoon that JAT and I said our goodbye's and went our separate ways - what a full-on day.
Sorry I've been so busy - it really is all for you 🙂
Lots of kisses, Amanda.x
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